Weeds Weeds Weeds… and Eggs!


This week we pulled up 8 bin bags full of weeds from the sensory garden in school! It reminded us of our Little Shop of Horrors show from last year! The garden looks a lot better now but there’s still more to do.  Next week we hope to finish the weeding and start cutting back some of the overgrown herbs.  The plan then is to plant food that we can grow and eat during meal preparation sessions on a Wednesday.


As part of  Travel, Transport and Engineering we are learning about the engineering process.  We have been faced with a challenge about how space ships land robots on different planets without them breaking into pieces.  We have designed, built and tested some of the prototype devices to stop an egg from breaking when dropped from height to replicate this.  This week we used a hard boiled egg with one out of three of the devices protecting the egg fully – the other two eggs were covered in cracks! The next step is to evaluate our designs and make them even better so that when we next build devices to test with ‘raw’ eggs – we don’t have a scrambled egg mess all over the floor!


Check our blog next week to find out how we got on!

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