Move Over England Football Squad… The Sixth Form Have Been Training Hard


As part of Sports and Leisure we have been learning about how to play football correctly rather than all chasing the ball and kicking it as hard as we can.  We have learnt to aim the ball whilst passing to our friends so that it goes straight to their feet.  We have also learnt to dribble the the ball whilst looking out for defenders.  To put our learning into practice we played a team game and worked together to pass the ball between ourselves whilst keeping it away from the defender.  It helped to shout the person’s name we were passing to so that we could make sure they were ready to receive the ball.  This game became more challenging as we added more and more defenders and meant the passes had to  be even more accurate.  Following the lesson we discussed the importance of coaches and managers and the students came up with some really good evaluations about their own and each others performance with ideas for things to try out in order to improve next week.

Meanwhile, we also had a football sensory circuits session running indoors.  This involved listening to a range of football songs from all over the world whilst exploring each of the football objects in turn.  We had football scarves and flags to wear, the red rose of the England team to smell, noisy clackers to cheer as fans and footballs to explore the movement of.  It all ended with a post match massage to ensure we are fit and ready for the rematch next week.

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