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Circuit Training


After lots of exercise on Thursday morning as part of sports and leisure the students (and staff) were all feeling a bit achy this morning!  This all goes to show they pushed themselves to do their very best which is what we have been working on during this session.  We had a keep fit workout […]

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World of Work Week


What a fantastic World of Work Week we had!  It was very busy and we had a lot of tired students but they also worked so hard that I was so proud of them all!  During the week we had people working in cafe’s both in school and in Kirkham, students worked in the school […]

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Birthday Party Photos


A selection of photos from the 18th Birthday party at Space!  

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Beth’s (Early) Birthday Party


Welcome back after the half term!   It’s lovely to see so many happy smiling faces after the break.  I just wanted to say a big thank you to Beth’s Mum (Karen) for arranging Beth’s party at Space.  Beth had a lovely time as did the other students too!   I had planned to upload […]

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Move Over England Football Squad… The Sixth Form Have Been Training Hard


As part of Sports and Leisure we have been learning about how to play football correctly rather than all chasing the ball and kicking it as hard as we can.  We have learnt to aim the ball whilst passing to our friends so that it goes straight to their feet.  We have also learnt to […]

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As part of engineering this week we used raw eggs in the products we designed to protect them when dropped.  As you can see whilst dismantling our eggs to check if they worked their was a few cracks and eggy messes!!  We learnt a lot form the devices that worked well such as the need […]

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Weeds Weeds Weeds… and Eggs!


This week we pulled up 8 bin bags full of weeds from the sensory garden in school! It reminded us of our Little Shop of Horrors show from last year! The garden looks a lot better now but there’s still more to do.  Next week we hope to finish the weeding and start cutting back […]

Gardening in the Sixth Form


As part of the vocational work about gardening and the home we have been learning to identify weeds.  These are photographs some of the students took of the weeds found whilst exploring our Sixth Form grounds and I’m sure you’ll agree that they definitely need sorting out!!  We are going to learn about the tools […]

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Welcome Back!


I hope you all had a lovely summer break and managed to do lots of exciting and fun things as well as finding a bit of time to relax.  It’s great to see everyone looking so well and I think a few of the students have spent their summer holidays stood in grow bags as […]

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Wow what a day!


WOW! WHAT A DAY! We started with a walk up Gummers Howe.  It was a little slippy at times and pretty steep but what a view from the top! Definitely worth the walk! Once at the top there were a few cows which meant we explored a new adventurous route to the bottom.  We walked […]

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