Elimae’s Holiday


Over half term Elimae went away to the Lake District.  I have some brilliant photos that I’ve been trying to put on so that everyone can have a look at what she’s been up to but they are too large upload.  I will ask the technician for some advice on shrinking them and put them up for you to see next week.


I can’t believe the first week back after the holidays is over already.  We have been that busy it seems to have flown by! Highlights of the week include learning how to make spaghetti bolognese at college, which was reported to be delicious, and visiting the farm to begin a block of sessions as part of animal care. 

Elroy The Guide Dog


What a great week!  The animal care group loved their visit from Elroy the guide dog.  There was lots of stroking, petting and brushing… so much so that Elroy was worn out with all of the pampering and went home for a sleep.




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Our Bug Hotel!


Today the Animal care group have been building our bug hotel in the school grounds. The pupils have collected lots of recycled materials to ensure our school bugs have an attractive new habitat. Thanks to parents who have sent in items for it… we do still need the following; plastic pipes, guttering, garden cones, old roof tiles, terracotta plant pots. Please leave a comment or get in touch with Mark if you can help with these things.

We’re also running a competition for a name; how about Beatle Inn, or The Worm lodge? Please let us know if you have any ideas?!

Have a great weekend






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Animal care


Animal care with the F.E Unit

During the autumn term our students enjoyed a special learning experience at Myerscough college. We learnt about different animals
From small mice to larger rabbits. The class focused on meeting on the animals needs cleaning out their pens feeding and ensuring
That we all followed rules to keep ourselves safe. All the class seemed to really enjoy our time at Myerscough and progressed well
Towards their individual learning targets.
By Mark, vocational option tutor.
Typed by Luke.
Here is what some of the animal care students had to say.

When completing Heath checks I check for the animals having healthy eyes if not they might be red or running.

I like to carry out the animal health care check i need to check if the animals eyes are bright and clear. their Bottom’s are clean and they have short claws.

I like to clean out the animal’s cages. I need to clean out wee and poo and give them fresh water.

I like doing animal checks, I look for clear eyes, a clean bottom and no diarrhoea.





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