Elimae’s Holiday


Over half term Elimae went away to the Lake District.  I have some brilliant photos that I’ve been trying to put on so that everyone can have a look at what she’s been up to but they are too large upload.  I will ask the technician for some advice on shrinking them and put them up for you to see next week.


I can’t believe the first week back after the holidays is over already.  We have been that busy it seems to have flown by! Highlights of the week include learning how to make spaghetti bolognese at college, which was reported to be delicious, and visiting the farm to begin a block of sessions as part of animal care. 

Catering in Class


Over the last couple of weeks the catering students have been working hard to make chocolate cakes with increasing independence.  I am so proud of the excellent reading skills to follow recipes and the confidence of each student to get stuck in with the recipe.  Most of their individual benches were covered in the mixture but that also gave a good opportunity to practise the tidying up skills!

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