Circuit Training


After lots of exercise on Thursday morning as part of sports and leisure the students (and staff) were all feeling a bit achy this morning!  This all goes to show they pushed themselves to do their very best which is what we have been working on during this session.  We had a keep fit workout to do and then circuit training to complete.  We aimed to better our score from the previous week, e.g. throwing more bean bags into the bucket, doing as many jumps as possible in one minute and completing shuttle runs between a set of cones.

Keep up the great work everyone!

World of Work Week


What a fantastic World of Work Week we had!  It was very busy and we had a lot of tired students but they also worked so hard that I was so proud of them all!  During the week we had people working in cafe’s both in school and in Kirkham, students worked in the school office, shined shoes, learnt about brick laying and plastering at Preston Vocational Centre, worked as Teaching Assistants in other classes, learnt about Hairdressing, Floristry, Painting and Decorating, Enterprise and  ended the week with appraisals with office staff and a big office party for all the people who took part!


Birthday Party Photos


A selection of photos from the 18th Birthday party at Space!


Beth’s (Early) Birthday Party


Welcome back after the half term!


It’s lovely to see so many happy smiling faces after the break.  I just wanted to say a big thank you to Beth’s Mum (Karen) for arranging Beth’s party at Space.  Beth had a lovely time as did the other students too!


I had planned to upload some photos but they consist of too many megabytes to put them on!! I will see what I can do about making them smaller… watch this space!



As part of engineering this week we used raw eggs in the products we designed to protect them when dropped.  As you can see whilst dismantling our eggs to check if they worked their was a few cracks and eggy messes!!  We learnt a lot form the devices that worked well such as the need to wrap the egg in something soft and thick such as cotton wool rather than in too thin such as a paper towel.  The balloons also helped to cushion the landing!

Weeds Weeds Weeds… and Eggs!


This week we pulled up 8 bin bags full of weeds from the sensory garden in school! It reminded us of our Little Shop of Horrors show from last year! The garden looks a lot better now but there’s still more to do.  Next week we hope to finish the weeding and start cutting back some of the overgrown herbs.  The plan then is to plant food that we can grow and eat during meal preparation sessions on a Wednesday.


As part of  Travel, Transport and Engineering we are learning about the engineering process.  We have been faced with a challenge about how space ships land robots on different planets without them breaking into pieces.  We have designed, built and tested some of the prototype devices to stop an egg from breaking when dropped from height to replicate this.  This week we used a hard boiled egg with one out of three of the devices protecting the egg fully – the other two eggs were covered in cracks! The next step is to evaluate our designs and make them even better so that when we next build devices to test with ‘raw’ eggs – we don’t have a scrambled egg mess all over the floor!


Check our blog next week to find out how we got on!

Gardening in the Sixth Form


As part of the vocational work about gardening and the home we have been learning to identify weeds.  These are photographs some of the students took of the weeds found whilst exploring our Sixth Form grounds and I’m sure you’ll agree that they definitely need sorting out!!  We are going to learn about the tools needed for the job and hopefully clear out these bedding boxes so that the Sixth Form continues to look as fantastic from the outside as it does on the inside!  …An important lesson for those looking towards the option of independent living in the future, those looking to work in the horticulture industry and those that just like to help their parents in the garden during the weekend!

Welcome Back!


I hope you all had a lovely summer break and managed to do lots of exciting and fun things as well as finding a bit of time to relax.  It’s great to see everyone looking so well and I think a few of the students have spent their summer holidays stood in grow bags as they seem to have had a growth spurt!

The Sixth Form timetable is in the front of the student diary and also on this blog.  With two teachers this year, Tom and Sam with be teaching a vocational option each on the Tuesday.  Those students who chose Gardening and the Home will be working with Tom and those learning about animal care will be working with Sam.  Sam will be taking responsibility for all of the teaching on a Wednesday with Tom teaching on all of the other days.  (This is a lot more straightforward than it sounds when written down here and allows for us to work together, share our expertise and continue to develop and deliver outstanding learning opportunities for all of our Sixth Form students!)

We will try and update our blog regularly with photographs and plenty of information about all of the exciting learning we are doing in the Sixth Form so please keep updated by checking our blog and leaving us plenty of comments that we can share with the students.

Tom, Sam and the Sixth Form Team


Wow what a day!



We started with a walk up Gummers Howe.  It was a little slippy at times and pretty steep but what a view from the top! Definitely worth the walk! Once at the top there were a few cows which meant we explored a new adventurous route to the bottom.  We walked through fields of long grass, sections of mud and did our best (mostly!) to avoid the cow pats! Onward bound we arrived at Brown Howe for lunch with a beatufiul view of Conniston.  We continued on a scenic route to our gyhll scramble. Here we put on our buoyancy aids, waterproofs and helmets before heading towards the stream.  We took our first steps into the water and set off on the hair raising ascent upstream.  Needless to say, there were a few tense moments, and yes, we all ended up soaking wet! What an achievement – we all made it to the top!

We had another wonderful evening meal with a Mexican theme – Nachos and chilli con carni followed by a cheesecake.

We have spent the evening in the depths of the woods with a campfire toasting marshmallows before finishing off with a fantastic talent show!

Signing off on night two (hopefully with a bit more sleep!)


Castle Head Day 1


We made it! We’ve had a busy first day, we begun by learning how to make a fire in our bushcraft activity and some students made shelters (although nobody wanted to sleep in it!) Next we got our helmets on and headed to the low ropes course – The students were definitely braver than the staff and EVERYONE completed the course! Our final outdoor activity was the assault course and we all finished very muddy but full of smiles! We enjoyed a delicious evening meal; soup starter, BBQ chicken, risotto, aubergine pizza and sweet potato fries with a chocolate cake to finish, there was empty plates all round! We’ve ended our night with snacks, games and films in the games room with some students opting for a sweaty game of football instead. Signing off for what we hope is an early night. We will update you on our adventures tomorrow. Goodnight from Castle Head! 

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