Castle Head Day 1


We made it! We’ve had a busy first day, we begun by learning how to make a fire in our bushcraft activity and some students made shelters (although nobody wanted to sleep in it!) Next we got our helmets on and headed to the low ropes course – The students were definitely braver than the staff and EVERYONE completed the course! Our final outdoor activity was the assault course and we all finished very muddy but full of smiles! We enjoyed a delicious evening meal; soup starter, BBQ chicken, risotto, aubergine pizza and sweet potato fries with a chocolate cake to finish, there was empty plates all round! We’ve ended our night with snacks, games and films in the games room with some students opting for a sweaty game of football instead. Signing off for what we hope is an early night. We will update you on our adventures tomorrow. Goodnight from Castle Head! 

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Healthy Eating Day


Lots of healthy food tasting today! 🙂

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Midweek MADD Week


Todays MADD week activities included circus skills and lots and lots of art!

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Festival Photos


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Summer Festival


Yesterday we held our first Post 16 Summer Festival and invited our Sixth Form friends from all across Lancashire.  The event was very popular and we had a total of 93 people out on the field in the sun.  At the festival we had students performing, face painting, crafts and tie-dye as well as a chill out out campfire area and somewhere to explore the mud and all of the things that get left behind in a campsite.  We all had a great time making new friends and exploring all of the fun of the festival!


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Welcome Back


I hope you all had a lovely Easter Break.  It’s great to see that everyone has returned to the Sixth Form refreshed and ready for another exciting half term!  Just to let you know, you should have all received a new summer individual learning plan and personalised overview of the curriculum for the coming half term.  There’s still a few floating around in school bags so it would be great if you could check these over the weekend just to make sure.

Remember to check the blog next week for more photographs and information about the exciting things we have been learning!

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Sun and Sport



This week we’ve made the most of the sun with a walk into Kirkham to buy some last minute props and costumes from the charity shop. Whilst out we’ve put into practise all of our road safety work, pressing the button pelican crossing and waiting for the green man! Performance day is Wednesday – I hope you’ve got your tickets!

We’ve also been to Blackpool for our sports session. This week the sports hall was cold so we kept our coats on but soon warmed up once we started our races!

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Pancake Day


Check out the Sixth Form pancake making skills! I think we had as much fun making them as we had eating them!

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Elimae’s Pictures


Have a look at Elimae’s exciting holiday photos!

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Elimae’s Holiday


Over half term Elimae went away to the Lake District.  I have some brilliant photos that I’ve been trying to put on so that everyone can have a look at what she’s been up to but they are too large upload.  I will ask the technician for some advice on shrinking them and put them up for you to see next week.


I can’t believe the first week back after the holidays is over already.  We have been that busy it seems to have flown by! Highlights of the week include learning how to make spaghetti bolognese at college, which was reported to be delicious, and visiting the farm to begin a block of sessions as part of animal care. 

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